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Our service and utmost goal is to provide ubiquitous LoRaWAN™ end-device connectivity and national coverage in metropolitan Greece! Having already achieved coverage in more than 85% of Thessaloniki, we have proven that LoRaWAN™ specification (a compelling mix of long range, low power consumption and secure data transmission standard) is the LPWAN concept that works while having the potential to successfully scale up both for public and private networks.

This technology can provide coverage that is greater in range as well as in energy efficiency compared to the existing cellular networks. It makes it easy to plug into the existing infrastructure and offers a solution to serve battery-operated IoT applications.

We believe that the core point for an IoT ecosystem to evolve and enable IoT application deployment is its network. And this is what we are here for: provide network connectivity to support the varied implementations of a connected and IoT-enabled world.

The type of services are many. Smart lighting, smart parking, smart waste management, asset tracking, smart water / gas / power meters, smart agriculture, smart industries, transportation, smart operations etc. We can provide the network to deploy any of the above easily and cost-effectively.

Device-agnostic standard

We provide connectivity to a variety of devices for countless services and real-world applications. LoRaWAN™ is a device-agnostic standard, making all kinds of devices connect easily to our existing infrastracture, providing you a secure tunnel to your real-time data. Devices for smart buildings, smart cities, smart environment, smart parking, smart agriculture, smart water, air quality, e-Health are just some of the many service-oriented devices out there!

Easy deployment

If you are an application developer, creating real world apps, solving real world problems, we are here for you. We connect your devices, providing real-time data via noumerous output methods to your application, in order to collect your data and use it to build whatever you want!

We provide seamless interoperability among smart things without the need of complex local installations and give back the freedom to the user/developer/business to develop and implement the application, enabling the roll out of Internet of Things.

End-to-end security

Nation-wide networks targeting Internet of Things require secure communications. LoRaWAN™ standard has solved this by several layers of encryption:

  • Unique network key (EUI64) ensures security on a network level.
  • Unique application key (EUI64) ensures end to end security on an application level.
  • Device specific key (EUI128).

  • Scalability

    LPWAN, at its core, is a wide-area network (WAN) with the capability to connect tens of billions of devices spread out over hundreds of millions of square kilometers. LPWAN delivers lower data rates than a traditional WAN. This is intentional, as 86% of all current IoT devices use less than 3MB of data per month. LoRaWAN™, as an LPWAN technology, sets the conditions to create large-scale network services and support hundreds, thousands and even millions of devices depending on the urban area and morphology.


    George Stefanidis

    Co-Founder & Network Architect

    Panos Matsaridis

    Co-Founder & Software Engineer


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    «Internet of Things
    and LoRaWAN™»

    The transformation to an Internet of Everything "smart cities" era requires a network technology to support and sustain the communication and device connectivity for the countless applications that derive. We are making it happen, using the most efficient technology that exists today.